Available for the first time in glorious leatherbound hardcover, this stunning book, along with its companion volume, Banon's Little Red Book, has launched revolutions and influenced the thinking of millions since its first illicit printing in the Kingdom of Figaro.

Reissued today for its centennial anniversary, The Returner Manifesto's message of workers' paradise and historical dialectic still exerts influence over nearly 2% of the known RPG Multiverse, and its implications for the future remain pertinent.

The author, a famous revolutionary who opposed the Empire of Vector, has established nearly four dozen People's Dictatorships, which, despite their nearly immediate collapse due to widespread corruption and inefficiency, remain an ideal for many intelligentsia.

The Returner Manifesto now includes famed artist Lacan's acclaimed illustrations and his essay, "Fighting The Man - Culture War: Returnerism and the Military-Industrial Super-Conspiracy" serves as the work's introduction.

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