He's a living legend, an icon of intellectual arrogance, a babe magnet! Magic Emperor Ghaleon's story is told for the first time IN HIS OWN WORDS.

Within the pages of Not Ghaleon, Dear Quark, he gives the FULL and UNCENSORED account of his time with the Four Heroes - the wine, women and song, the wild adventures, and the unpleasant separation that left all four with a lot of grudges and emotional baggage. Ghaleon does not spare the lash of his scathing pen - for the other three, OR for himself.

Ghaleon also tells of his life-long obsession with Althena, his resentment of team leader Dyne ("He got EVERYTHING. The money, the fame, the women... especially the women"), and the duplicity and division amongst the team ("Dyne and I, and Althena, too, were constantly joking about Lemia and Mel behind their backs - calling them cannon fodder, the no-brainers of the operation, Althena's lapdogs... but to their faces, they were part of the club")

But all that is just a prelude to the NEVER BEFORE TOLD story of Ghaleon's move from being a "Hero" to becoming the Magic Emperor. How arrogance and resentment caused him to seek world domination - and how he very nearly got it.

But it DOESN'T STOP THERE! Ghaleon goes on to explain his return from the grave, his time in the Villains Union, his newfound stardom, his reflections on near-godhood and slow agonizing death, and even his latest venture, participating in the Silver-Haired Bad Guy Party.

Magic Emperor Ghaleon is a cultural icon - and now his life story can be yours for the low, low price of 1,000 silver - practically free at current exchange rates! And for a limited time only, you will pay NO SHIPPING AND HANDLING* on your purchase!

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