Worlds-renowned artist and noted supervillain Grahf, the Seeker of Power, has revealed at last the secrets of his astonishing success in his new book, Doth Thou Desire the Power. Within these pages, Grahf explains how just a few simple exercises a day can lead to seemingly magical powers, eternal life through possession, and the deaths of millions!

From the very start in Doth Thou Desire the Power, Grahf displays the creative flair that made him a famous artist before he was a population devastating ominous bad guy, providing a gripping and perversely exciting look into the world of supervillainy in the form of real life anecdotes taken from himself and other prominent figures in the field.

All this serves as color and example to guide you through the simple exercises - mental, physical and ether - that will lead YOU to supervillain-like power. Grahf leaves no stone unturned, covering such widely varying topics as the effect of a good theme song on your exercise ability and what colors work best for armour.

As he paints a complete picture of what it means to be a supervillain, Grahf shows how anyone can, with hard work, determination, luck, and unthinkable innate ability, become the next great evil force in the world.

But even for those not interested in full supervillainy, there is valuable advice to be had: Stay fit with Grahf’s easy and effective Tai-Grahf fitness/self defense system. Learn handy ether tricks to amuse - or abuse - your neighbors. Discover how to dress for success with such fashionable accessories as ‘evil bells’ and full-face masks.

All this can be yours for just 10,000 G plus shipping and handling! Write 1 S. Zohar Modifier, Crashed Shevat Region, XG or call 1-777-232-DOTH for details! Order now, while supplies last.