Dare to Dream by Lezard Valeth Available for the first time in paperback, Lezard Valeth's classic Dare to Dream has thrilled and chilled millions of readers - and there's never been a better time to join their ranks!

Dare to Dream is the astonishing true (or close to it) tale of Lezard's amazing life. From his early childhood as an underapreciated prodigy1, his time as Flenceburg's most gifted student2, and the slow pace of learning there that drove him to leave2.

Dare to Dream culminates with Lezard's heart-pounding romance with noted godess Lenneth Valkyrie3, which the 'New Parm Times' Book Section called "The most passionately honest romantic passage in recent literary experience!"4

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1. Denied by Dr. Valeth's legal guardians, neighbors and family friends.

2. Denied by the faculty, student body and casual observers at Flenceburg University.

3. Denied by Lenneth and Hrist Valkyrie, and the entire Aesir pantheon.

4. Denied by basically everybody but the New Parm Times.

5. Denied by Dr. Valeth's publisher, which charges 2500 MP plus shipping and handling.