A Nation of Sheep by Krelian Never before has any outsider been a position to make so deep and insightful a commentary on the final centuries of the Sacred Empire of Solaris - and considering Solaris' fate, no one will ever be in this position again! So bestselling author, television personality, religious figure and former dictator Krelian's latest book, A Nation of Sheep, is an especially rare treasure!

Now YOU can learn how Krelian determined and accentuated the Solarian character and culture for five centuries, and how he was able to establish his astonishing tenure as Solarian dictator in the first place.

Discover the simple, effective pavlovian measures that he used to make the already weak-willed Solarian populace into ready-made mush for his outlandish plans - measures which proved so effective, they are still in use by major media sources five centuries later!

At once autobiography, how-to guide and biting social commentary, A Nation of Sheep is sure to delight readers of all kinds, from dedicated students of Solarian history to casual readers!

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