Ninja With A Gun by Shu Rarely does a book come along that is at once as emotionally powerful, as pulse-poundingly exciting, and as daringly revelatory as Ninja With A Gun, by leading ninja and Hunter Shu.

This stirring TRUE STORY of personal courage and explosive action could only have been written by Shu, who boldly defied his ninja masters and embraced the use of firearms in place of traditional ninja weapons, becoming a Ninja... with a gun! Learn how he overcame the scorn and derision of other ninja to become one of the worlds' most acclaimed Hunters!

Then, in a tear-jerking, eye-opening epilogue, Shu expresses his hope that one day all job classes will be able to equip weapons, accessories, armor and even skills equally.

Whether or not this dream of One Job Class For All can ever come true, Shu makes the case for it with prose that is at once eloquent and to-the-point - to the hollowtip point with extra armor piercing curvature, even!

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