Three Amigos starring Auron, Braska and Jecht Rereleased on glorious DVD on its tenth aniversary, Three Amigos is made available to a new generation of fans by the OBURG Classics line!

Three Amigos is the timeless story of Lord Braska and his wacky guardians, straight-man Auron and wildman Jecht, and their laugh-a-minute journey across the Sin-scarred lands of Spira!

At once poignant and silly, this comedy classic features startlingly real dialogue and the delightful interplay of its three charming principles, two of whom have enjoyed successful film careers since their untimely deaths just days after shooting concluded.

Auron became a top grossing star with such action-comedy classics as Gay Ronin, Gay Ronin Lives, Wrath of Gay Ronin, Return of Gay Ronin, and Maximum Overdrive, while Jecht's fame as a sports star is matched only by his performance in such sports movie blockbusters as Any Given Tuesday, Sphere of Dreams, Blitzfan, and Pride of the Aurochs. But it all began HERE.

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