How To Get Angry Without Feeling Guilty by Jessica De'Alkirk Leading Priestess of Althena*, world heroine and expert arguer Jessica De'Alkirk at last reveals the secrets to her astonishingly successful life in her new, instant-classic book, How to Get Angry Without Feeling Guilty!

As Jessica eloquently explains, using straight-to-the-point, blunt words, getting angry can be the best tool in your interpersonal arsenal.

Let Jessica help you develop your anger, with seven simple exercises that she guarantees will have you steaming mad in minutes!

Then deploy it against the fools, jerks, whiners and lazy bums in your life, and you'll soon see amazing results. You can badger your way into almost anything, including fame, fortune, and personal space, using just a few choice words, spoken loudly and with the accompaniment of a blunt object!

If YOU want to learn how to harness YOUR anger, then you need this book - and it can be yours for a mere 5000 silver plus shipping and handling!

*The views expressed in this work are the author's own, and not those of the Church of Althena, its officials, knights, dragons or Four Heroes, or the Goddess Althena herself.