Sins of the Father by Billy Lee Black Join Billy Lee Black, royal spiritual advisor to the Kingdom of Aveh, as he explores his tortured and tumultuous past, and the origins thereof in the conduct and character of his father, Jesiah.

A deeply moving and powerful book, Sins of the Father probes the depths of self analysis and psychological exploration as few before it have. Witness: the breathtaking profundity of Billy's 'crisis of faith,' mirrored, as he explains, by his recognition that his father was a worthless, stinking, sodden drunk, probably with a gun fetish.

I hated him. I really hated him. I mean, that was how it felt. It felt like I hated him. I hated him so much that I hated him for making me hate him! And the worst part of all was, I knew he deserved it.

Such self-deprecating, painfully honest prose can only come from the heart! And now, you can experience it for yourself, at the low, low price of 1500 G plus shipping and handling!