Army of Darkness starring Fishbel Hero The third installment of the blockbuster Immoral Dead series that made Ramus of Burg a worlds'-renowned director, this smash hit sees Fishbel Hero reprise the role of Ash, a normal modern day guy who is drawn into a horrific world of blood-splattered chainsaws and ancient evils by the Necrotacon, the book of the braindead!

In this installment, Fishbel Hero is joined by a star-studded cast, including his real-life fiance Maribel as his love interest, Janus Zeal as 'the prophet,' and Alucard Tepes, bearing a striking resemblance to the star, as 'Bad Ash!'

Will our Hero overcome all odds and return, soaked in gallons of blood and ichor, with a dented chainsaw and a ton of scars, to his own time? Or will the Immoral Dead at last have their revenge?

Find out, for a mere 1800 gil (DVD) or 1500 gil (VHS) plus shipping and handling!