All The President's Men by Chisato Madison Ten years before its eventual toppling by the Silver-Haired Baddie Party, Esthar's Loire Administration suffered a serious blow at the hands of investigative journalist Chisato Madison, whose stunning expose, All The President's Men, revealed the secrets of the Administration's Lagoongate scandal!

Relive the astonishing drama of that turbulent time - the revelations, the Estharan congressional hearings, the eventual settlement - with this newly reissued and expanded edition of the classic work that started it all, only from OBURG Classic Editions!

Speculation remains to this day about the actual events of Lagoongate, especially about the identity of the mysterious Deep Sign, the Administration official who provided Miss Madison with confidential information. Was it Vice President Kiros Seagil? First Niece Ellone Loire? Chief of Staff Ward Zabac? Secretary of the Interior Dr. Odine? Or even President Laguna himself? We may never know.

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