Top Dog by Scias From the windy plains of Wyndia to the exotic cities of the Fou Empire, Scias is one of the worlds' most prominent philosopher-ronin, and now his stunning true story is told for the first time in his own words!

Learn the never-before-known secrets of Scias' puppyhood, his early years, his mastery of the broadsword and katana, and his eventual transformation from killer-for-hire to principled thinker and killer-for-good!

Full of Scias brilliant reflections on the meaning of life, random encounters, and the search for inner peace as personified by the deeply conflicting yet simultaneously fulfilling pursuit of duels to the death and sleeping.

Illustrated with Scias' own critically acclaimed watercolors, this book is truly a work of art!

Get it today for a mere 4200 Zenny (250 gil), and the first 300 orders will pay no shipping and handling!