How To Stop Worrying And Start Living by Dr. Citan Uzuki Do you find yourself paralyzed with worry about your credit, love life, or job prospects? Are you unable to act efficiently and effectively because of fear of consequences? If so... don't worry about it!

That's the message of worlds-renowned mental health professional Dr. Citan Uzuki1, in this, his latest book!

"The fear of a thing is often worse than the actual danger itself," Dr. Uzuki cautions his readers, advising them to go out and live their lives without fretting so much. "Most difficulties simply go away when sufficient patience is applied against them, and those that do not are best removed by bold, decisive action."

If you want to experience security and happiness2, then look no further than this classic book of self-help wisdom, yours for a mere 1000 G plus shipping and handling!

1. Dr. Uzuki's real name is Hyuga Ricdeau. He is not legally a medical doctor but has successfully applied first aid to Marguerite Fatima prior to her treatment by a professional, which is close enough, really. Besides, he often plays one on Homevision. A doctor, that is. Not Marguerite Fatima. He is much too tall for the role.

2. Unless you are lazy, inept, remarkably unattractive or simply not especially lucky. But do not worry about that.