The Good, The Bad and the Ugly starring Jesiah Black OBURG's controversial blockbuster Western hit is now available on video and DVD in a digitally remastered special edition!

This Jesiah Black adventure earned the ire of Skillz Network chairman Hammer, the Supplier, and Krelian, who claim that their CGI-generated visages appear as the Ugly and the Bad - it being unclear which is which. But the recordbreaking, ultra-violent ultra-stylish hit went on to win several awards and massive critical appeal despite their criticisms.

Jesiah Black stars as a wandering drifter, the titular Good, with only his wits and his guns giving him a shot at a fortune in stolen gold - if he can grab it before his rivals!

Filled with stunning action sequences, a hugely popular soundtrack, and some of the best gunplay ever seen on cinema, this is an experience not to be missed!

Now available for just 500 Silver plus shipping and handling!