Like Father, Like Son? by Tidus Are YOU troubled by the failings of your forefathers? Embarrassed by dad's bad fashion sense? Concerned that you'll end up just like your parents? Just plain looking for an excuse to be a whiny jerk?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then THIS is the book for you!

Let worlds'-renowned Blitzball star Tidus show YOU the path to achieving true peace of mind, getting a life, and overcoming your genetic legacy! He knows what its like to grow up with a pain-in-the-neck parent, and can teach you how to cope, overcome and excel!

As incredible as these claims may seem, this is NO DREAM! Tidus guarantees that the solutions found within this book are 100% real - and, unlike his, in his own words, "sorry excuse for a so-called 'father,'" he puts his money where his mouth is with a full refund* if you aren't completely satisfied!

Complete with an introduction by former Etone and Aveh Royal Spiritual Advisor Billy Lee Black, this is a book that YOU can't afford to miss! Order now for a mere 500 gil plus shipping and handling, and start overcoming your inborn tendencies today!

* Offer valid only in Zanarkand