Heroism Under Seige by Link Noted Hylian hero Link gives stunning insight into the rapidly collapsing study of heroism in the modern world in this, his first book!

As Link demonstrates with sometimes frightening clarity, the great heroic traditions of worlds like his have been abandoned in recent years by a culture that he believes has become mired in drab antiheroic mediocrity and relativism.

Citing the rapid decline in princess saving and demon slaying amongst the recent generation of 'heroes,' Link gives powerful evidence for his deeply disturbing conclusions.

Fortunately, the Hylian hero isn't about to leave the world in this condition, and his inspiring words are joined by those of a bevy of his fellow heroes, including the Legendary Hero Melvin and the Paladin King Cecil Harvey! In fact, Link believes that a new heroic era is right around the corner!

Find out how YOU can become a part of this bold new age of questing for just 2900 gella plus shipping and handling!