Lezard Valeth and the Goblet of Fire by L. K. Ashtear The fourth in the super best-selling series of L. K. Ashtear's beloved novels, Lezard Valeth and the Goblet of Fire has racked up gigantic sales numbers... even before being published!

Boy Wizard Lezard Valeth returns to his magical adventures at the Flenceburg Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry for yet another school year of fun, flying, and stunning life-or-death encounters.

In his fourth year, young Lezard will be confronted by even more dangerous situations, and at the same time come closer to an understanding of his own mysterious past. Can he and his friends evade the dangers facing them and still find time to attend their classes? Will young Lezard actually meet the future woman of his dreams, Platina? And will Lezard Valeth and the Goblet of Fire outsell every book ever written?

The last may be a sure thing, but for the answers to the first two questions, you'll have to buy the book! Get it now, for a mere 99,999 gil* plus shipping and handling! Hurry, before the supply simply disappears!

* Price reflects present state of publishing industry, breaking of the price limit by Sir Auron, and demand for Lezard Valeth and the Goblet of Fire