Blade starring Kiros Seagil Veteran actor Kiros Seagil returns to the silver screen after over a decade in politics, but he's still got the explosive touch that made him a superstar! Prepare to be on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

Kiros stars as Blade, the half-vampiric warrior who wages a one-man war against the Crimson Nobles (including Marivel Armitage and Vlad Dracula). When a lower-ranking vampire (Neclord) seeks to use an ancient prophecy to obtain ultimate power over his people and the humans, Blade has to stake out his bloodsucker-busting turf!

Supported by a gnarly old vampire hunter (Kiros' long-time friend and costar Laguna Loire, uncredited and sporting a UNIX-user beard), Blade takes the battle to the undead with katanas, boomerangs, shotguns, explosives, and his signature katal blades.

Catch all the blood-drenched action for just 250 gil plus shipping and handling!