Stand Up and be a Man by Tengaar and Hix The latest in the best-selling series of self-help guides from the charming village of Warriors' Village, Stand Up and Be A Man is the long-awaited follow-up to Tengaar's classic book on male-female relationships, Do As I Say, Not As You Want.

In this new book, Tengaar, along with Hix, explores the dynamics of male self-actualization, as personified by the titular phrase! Learn classic Warriors' Village rites of manhood, and how to apply the less painful ones to your modern lifestyle! Discover how you can go from being a malleable weakling who caves in to every demand to being a strong-willed noble warrior who caves in only to loved ones' demands!

From seeking out unicorns to pointlessly challenging every wandering swordsman you encounter, you'll learn valuable lessons about life, love, and the ways of Warriors' Village!

All for just 1200 Potch plus shipping and handling!