Whether it's as the leading public figure of his era or the stunning master of wit and charm, Edgar Roni Figaro makes an indelible mark wherever he goes and whatever he does. But the man behind the million-GP smile was but a mystery to his admirers and detractors alike - UNTIL NOW!

Revealed within this expansive volume are the secrets of Edgar's troubled childhood, his public triumphs and private tragedies, his favorite food, his favorite music, his favorite clothes, his favorite lackeys, and even his favorite color - everything and anything you could ever want to know about this astounding individual.

Written with an astonishing eye for detail and a commanding grasp of prose, It's Good to be the King is the definitive autobiographical work on the subject, serving not as a sequel to but expanding upon the themes introduced by Edgar in his classic autobiographies 'Hail to the King, Baby' and 'Monarch of the Millennium'.

For the first time, Edgar describes the circumstances of his much publicized relationships with Agrias Oaks and Terra Branford, and details the latest chapter of his continuing life story - contained within these very pages are Edgar's impressions of the Seventh Season of the RPGP, his work in Convergence, and even the changing political situation in which his position almost always makes him a major player.

But Edgar doesn't neglect his past, either - revised and updated as he remembered more anecdotes are his edited diaries from the years when he led a double life as a Vectran ally and Returners sympathizer, the popular section on his childhood friends and his close family, and the circumstances in which he was inspired to create his Tools.

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