Bestselling author of 101 Uses for a Gunblade, Squall Leonheart has established his reputation as a non-fiction writer. Now, he draws upon his vast experience as a mercenary leader to bring you the definitive work on human relations!

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"I used to be outgoing and friendly, but after the death of a close friend, I became more and more withdrawn. How to Win Friends and Influence People has made me see that I should be proud to wear a mask and that a simple phrase like 'Leave us alone, the dog eats people' can get me peace and quiet anywhere!"
- Shadow

- Crono

"I think chicks really go for guys who are hard to get, and How to Win Friends and Influence People has helped me learn how to act that way! Now I can be surly and rude with a simple, 'Whatever' and have the girls trampling each other to get to me!"
- Sheena Lepant

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