Emperor Cain had explained to me that Queen Zephyr was kept eternally youthful by nanotechnology, but I had not realized just HOW youthful until I met her! - Hyuga

I owe a great deal to Queen Zephyr, both in terms of my private life and my mission.
It was by no means a certainty that she would agree to work with Emperor Cain, and had she refused, I would at best have been imprisoned. Although it was beneficial to both the Emperor and Shevat for them to work together, I was surprised that she could so easily put aside old enmities.
Furthermore, it was only through Queen Zephyr's support that Yui and I were eventually able to marry. Had she not intervened in our favor, we would most likely have never won the approval of Yui's family.

I think at heart Queen Zephyr has always been a romantic - she certainly did everything in her power to see that Hyuga and I could be together! Perhaps the terrible consequences of both Lacan and Krelian's tragic love for Sophia made her so...

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