I still hold that the katana is superior to the sabre... but Yui DID make a compelling argument... - Hyuga

Don't mind the blood on the sword.  No animals were injured in the making of this picture. - Hyu

This picture was taken right after I started teaching Yui how to use a real sword, instead of her toothpi... ahem, sabre. We had a wonderful time training, although she never seemed to master the technique.
But she looks so pretty with her hair like that. Not that she does not look pretty with her hair the way she wears it now. Or any other way for that matter.
Of course, I cannot look at this picture without thinking of the time when Yui and I first met. It was when I first came to Shevat. I needed to present myself before Queen Zephyr, and, as per Emperor Cain's instructions, I made no secret of my origins. Obviously, the Shevites did not take kindly to my presence. As Yui was Queen Zephyr's personal handmaiden, it was she who I had to get past to speak to the Queen. It seemed impolitic to embarrass Shevat in front of its Queen, so I allowed Yui to disarm me. However, I am uncertain how well I would have fared against her had I decided to fight, as I already found her presence remarkably distracting.

I haven't picked up a sword of any kind for years (but I would if I needed to!). Although I was pretty good with a sabre if I do say so myself, I never managed to handle a katana very well. No matter how many times Hyuga tried to show me how to hold and wield one properly, I somehow never mastered it...

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