This is my favorite of all our pictures.  I cannot think of a more perfect moment than when Yui said "Yes" just as the last (and greatest) barrage of fireworks was set off above Aphel Aura. - Hyuga

How young Yui and I look in this picture. It was taken the night of the annual Grand Ball in Aphel Aura, the first one following my arrival in Shevat. Later that night, I asked Yui to marry me, and she accepted. I wish it had been so simple to persuade her family - House Gaspar did not take kindly to the thought of Yui being wed to anyone not of one of Shevat's great families, much less to a Solarian such as myself. I shall always be grateful to Queen Zephyr for interceding on our behalf, even after Sage Gaspar himself voiced his objections.

As much as I blush to admit it, I knew Hyuga was the one for me the very first time I laid eyes on him! And yet, or perhaps because of that, I carried out my duty as Queen Zephyr's personal guard with great vigor that day when he first arrived to speak with her.
I was hopelessly lost by the time of the Grand Ball - happily so - and nothing or no one would have stopped me from saying "yes" to Hyu when he asked me to marry him!

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