Fei painted this portrait just a few months before the destruction of Lahan village. He really is an extremely talented artist. Unfortunately, he has not had many opportunities to paint since the defeat of Deus, as he is busy rebuilding the world. - Hyuga

It seems like a lifetime ago that Yui, Midori and I were living peacefully above Lahan village. Now, as then, I cannot banish the thought that this is a far better life than that which we had on Shevat. At times, it was easy to forget that the way we lived was simply a part of my cover.
Of course, these days, we can live here without having to worry about it! I cannot say that I was surprised when Yui asked if we could return here from Shevat following the defeat of Deus. Nor, for that matter, can I say that I was displeased.

Why would I, a highborn Shevite with a prestigious and coveted position, be so happy with the life of a simple homemaker and wife to a "country doctor"? Why would I gladly give up the manor house we lived in for years, the servants, the life in the highest strata of Shevite society, to live in a ramshackle home on top of a mountain?
For the same reason I do now...

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