Sigurd must have felt that Bartholomew was ready to rule without aid.  I certainly hope he was right! - Hyuga

I have not seen hide nor hair of Sigurd since he decided to return to his desert homeland. However, the young one did pass on this photograph. Sigurd certainly seems to have taken to his nomadic existence. Indeed, I am told that he has not only located survivors of his mother's people, but has risen to a position of chieftanhood within their number.
What is it that drives Sigurd to always seek out new challenges? The days when I felt as he seems to are little more than a dream to me - has Sigurd not yet found peace, or does he simply not seek it? Until he finds it, or it him, I have no doubt that he will continue to make quite a mark on the world.

Of all my husband's friends, Sigurd is the most intriguing. In so many ways, he is the complete opposite of Hyu! Whereas Hyuga set his feet upon a certain path (although there were certainly many bumps along the way!) and followed it diligently, Sigurd seems to be constantly changing course.

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