Was I too harsh with Kahr when I slapped him in the Yggdrasil's infirmary?  It did not seem so at the time, and events appear to have proven me correct. - Hyuga

It is wonderful that Kahr has come to terms with his troubles. He has been wandering the world as a 'thinker' ever since the defeat of Deus, and one needs only see his expression to know that he no longer considers himself 'just trash'. I do not know if he will come to the same conclusions he did when he was young, or new ones that reflect the terrible lessons he has had in the way of the world. In either case, I do not doubt that he will have many followers if he chooses to accept them... and perhaps even if he does not.

I've not had much of an opportunity to get to know Kahr well, but the few times he has visited us I have seen the qualities in him that inspired Hyuga and the other Elements to follow his ideals. He has a sort of personal magnetism that is really disconcerting!

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