These dress uniforms were worn only on the surface, as Solarians did not care for anything so 'old fashioned'. - Hyuga

It is strange, really, but my time with the Elements was an innocent one. The four of us had a surplus of answers to any question imaginable, and were never reluctant to give them - Sigurd and Jesiah in particular. We were so confident back then!
Although Jesiah was our leader, it was Kahr's ideals which we sought to put into action.
Jesiah was set apart from the rest of us in many ways. He always insisted that age, marriage and rank did not matter, but in a sense they did. His life experiences changed his outlook in ways we could not understand - perhaps this is why Jesiah realized before any of us that Solaris was beyond reform.
Sigurd had quite a reputation for scandalous activities that grew wildly exaggerated - quite often by Sigurd himself! Despite this, he was the most serious of us all. When he left, it was not because he was disillusioned, but because he felt his duty to young Bartholomew was greater. Kahr never truly understood this, I'm afraid.
Kahr's charisma was astonishing, really. Although he was the last to be recruited into the Elements, it was his ideals which quickly came to inspire us. He wanted to reform Solaris. As it turned out, Solaris, and Miang, corrupted and destroyed him. Jesiah and Sigurd left before Miang's influence put an end to the last of what Kahr believed in. I almost wish I had, too.
And me? Although I had already realized that what we had hoped to become would never be, it was not until I was recruited by Emperor Cain that I truly left behind the remnants of my old life.

Seeing this picture brings to mind one of the questions I'm most often asked about Hyuga: Does he really need glasses?
The answer is most definitely, YES!
When he was presented with the opportunity to attend the elite Solarian military academy, Jugend, Hyuga got it into his head that if the powers that be knew he was almost as blind as a bat, they wouldn't want him. He'd always compensated for his lack of poor eyesight by working on honing his other senses, and during his time at Jugend, he perfected this technique to the extent that no one knew the difference. I'm sure this is partly what accounts for Hyu's extraordinary speed and agility!

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