Midori is six years old now.  How grown up she already looks! - Hyuga

Midori has always loved Chu-Chus, ever since she was a tiny girl! Although she was only two years old when we moved to the surface, she was already more than capable of letting Yui and I know how much she would miss them. Of course, she wasn't as separated from her furry friends in Shevat as she at first thought - I am certain that some of the villagers in Lahan would not have been quite so surprised at how quiet Midori was for her age if she had not been spending her time communicating with the Chu-Chus through her telepathy.
In truth, I sometimes wish that Midori had not inherited my telepathic ability. Although it is very useful, it is truly a curse for the young and untrained, who sometimes detect the thoughts and feelings of others even when they do not wish to.

Many people don't realize that Midori is perfectly capable of speech - she simply chooses not to speak, most of the time, unless necessary (a trait my darling husband would often benefit from!). Now that she's getting older, she's better able to balance her telepathic ability with the more acceptable form of communication. Dan, particularly, has brought out Midori's more vocal side - and not always in a good way!

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