I have been told that it was while modeling for Solaris Biotech (actually a branch of the military) ads that Medina first met Erich. - Hyuga

This old Solaris Biotech ad calendar was sent to me while I was in the Elements, presumably because I doubled as the team's supply officer. I have had it ever since. You may notice that the lovely lady on the calendar is none other than Elly's mother, Medina. Most people outside Solaris would not know this, but she was an extremely famous model when she was young.

For some reason, Yui does not approve of my calendar! I have repeatedly told her that I would gladly take it down if only she would provide me with a replacement featuring her in similar attire. Unfortunately, she has declined to do so.

In any case, this calendar is always a useful curiosity piece, so I do not worry about it.

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