I am glad I was able to get the Reaper (called Wels) blood off of my katana. - Hyuga

Although I no longer need to hide my sword, I have once again put it aside. The last time I did so, it was with an oath never to use it again. This time, it is simply with the hope I will not have to.
I originally chose to put up my katana following the Elru incident. Yui was pregnant with Midori at the time, and when I returned to Shevat following the horror of the massacre, she begged me to give up both my sword and my gear. I gave her my word never to use them.
In truth, I would not have made such an oath if I had believed that I would have need of them again. In retrospect, perhaps I was wrong to do so...

Seeing Hyuga's katana hanging over the hearth always makes me feel so safe. And, often, so guilty. Would Hyu have been able to stop what happened to Lahan if he'd had his sword and Fenrir? Or would it not have mattered?

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