Enter the Residence of Doctor Citan Uzuki of Xenogears
Hyuga Ricdeau aka Citan 'Doc' Uzuki aka Shitan Uzuki of Xenogears
Welcome to our home. I hope that you will visit our Parlor and perhaps even stay for dinner.
Also, feel free to investigate my Workshop. I ask that you do not go out there alone, as there are some slightly dangerous items within. It is nothing to worry about, but it is always a good idea to be careful.
Oh, and be warned: over the years we've collected a great deal of "stuff" so this site is very graphic intensive - as I always tell the Young One, "Patience is a virtue."
Lastly, after you have completed your visit with us, you might wish to peruse an engaging new updated-daily episodic fanfic that chronicles the lives and loves, trials and triumphs of the survivors of the world after the destruction of Deus:
Enter the Residence of Doctor Citan Uzuki of Xenogears Yui Ricdeau aka Yui Uzuki nee Gaspar of Xenogears
Ever since we got the Parlor remodeled, my darling husband has insisted on inviting in everyone who passes by. I don't mind, really...
But if you think you're getting dinner, you can just go directly to Hyu's Workshop!
If you are just here for a visit, feel free to take a look around. If you see something that interests you, try clicking on it - you'll see a bigger picture, and Hyuga and I always have something to say about everything (especially Hyu)!
If you've got any comments or suggestions, just write to me, Yui Ricdeau aka Yui Uzuki. We'd love to hear from you! But, please, no solicitors.
Oh, and one more thing... after you've spent some time with us, I hope you'll take a look at my feature in the RPG INQUISITOR:
Deus is dead.  Solaris is no more.  Now comes the hard part. View the historical record of the glorious reign of Emperor Cain

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