Although those were some of the happiest (and busiest!) years of my life, I never became accustomed to Shevite clothing such as this. - Hyuga

Here I am as Queen Zephyr's Special Advisor on Solarian Issues. After I left the Elements and was recruited by Emperor Cain, I faked my defection to Shevat and was given this position by Queen Zephyr. All the while, I pretended to spy for Krelian and the Ministry, but in reality acted as a liaison between Emperor Cain and the Queen. Even that, however, was simply my secondary mission - Emperor Cain had, in fact, instructed me to seek out and observe the Contact.
When I look back on it all, it is most astonishing that I was able to find any time at all for my life with Yui, much less our courtship. Of course, it is also somewhat less than astonishing that Midori was not born for so long after we were married!
From time to time, I was a double, triple, and even quadruple agent.  It was most confusing, really. - Hyu

We were always so busy during the years we lived in Shevat. Especially Hyu! While he was forced to spend most of his time juggling his various obligations, I remained in my position with Queen Zephyr and tried in my off time to manage the manor, the servants, and our social obligations. It didn't leave us much time for each other! When Hyuga left with Master Khan and I discovered I was pregnant, I realized what was really important to me.
I've never regretted giving up that life!

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