This is Yui's grandfather, the famed Sage Gaspar of Shevat. On the plus side, he removed the -Limiters- which prevented us from using our Elemental Deathblows (even me, and I was a Solarian... strange, hmm? Wait a moment... I wonder what he actually removed from my genetic code!), and without him, I would not have Yui. On the other hand... well, I do not like to speak ill of the... still alive and kicking. Literally kicking. Quite often. Generally me.
Sage Gaspar would probably injure me if I were to speak my mind about him. But then, he would probably do so anyway. - Hyuga
Sage Gaspar hates Solarians - especially me. - Hyu
To put it mildly, Hyu and my grandfather don't get along. Even though Hyuga and I have been married for years and have provided him with a darling great-granddaughter, and in spite of the fact that Hyuga and his friends quite literally saved mankind, Grandpa refuses to think of Hyu as anything other than a "filthy Solarian" - an attitude all too prevalent among the Shevites (certainly with justification, though not concerning Hyuga!). Of course, the challenge we face in rebuilding the world has forced us all to put aside our past animosities... Except for Grandpa, that is!

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