I am a bit worried about Elly's pregnancy... the delivering of babies was normally handled by a midwife in Lahan, and my somewhat limited medical knowledge will have to brought to bear in full. *gulp* - Hyuga

It is difficult to imagine that, had things not worked out the way they did, I might have been called upon to kill Fei. Had Id been irrevocably dominant, one or the other of us would have had to die.
Although everything worked out for the best, I cannot say that my recommendations to Emperor Cain in this regard were entirely unbiased. Seeing the kind and good young man that Fei himself was, I allowed myself the, at times, illogical hope that he would indeed become stable. Fortunately, this proved to be the case.

Fei and Elly have found such happiness! Fei has become the successor to Chief Lee, Lahan is being rapidly rebuilt, Emerelda is happily adjusting to her new life, and Elly is pregnant!
After all that has happened, it's the most wonderful thing to hear the sound of Fei's voice asking, "Hi, Yui, have you seen Doc anywhere?" and for me to be able to answer, "I think he's tinkering with his junk in the backyard." There were certainly times none of us could have imagined we would return to our simple lives again.

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