This is quite possibly the oldest surviving picture of Emperor Cain in the entire world. - Hyuga

Emperor Cain instructed me not to interfere directly in his fate, as my duty was to watch the Contact.  Nonetheless, I regret that he was unable to see the results of his decision. - Hyu

Many people do not realize quite how extraordinary Emperor Cain was: despite the physical limitations under which he suffered for the past half-millennium, he very nearly won the final power struggle for dominance of Solaris. I suppose living ten thousand years would give one a great deal of life experience to go on.
Emperor Cain, like Kahr, had an extraordinary charisma - even if I had not learned of their connection, that alone would have made me suspect the truth. Though his face and voice were masked by his life support system, he yet remained an inspiring leader. I might not have accepted what seemed to be an impossible mission from him if he had not been. As I owe my life with Yui to his orders, I consider this a most fortuitous fact.
During the time I was living in Shevat, Emperor Cain had not yet decided whether or not to proceed with the original plan for Deus' resurrection. I am certainly glad that he decided against it in the end!
Emperor Cain and I communicated via my telepathic ability, which, incidentally, Midori seems to have inherited. - Hyu

Emperor Cain sent this portrait of himself as a wedding present for Hyuga and I. It's very valuable, as it was painted long before the Zeboim era, nearly 5,000 years ago! Hyu values it for a different reason, though. As do I - not only was it due to Emperor Cain that Hyuga and I first met, but he was very good to us, too. And had it not been for the Emperor deciding to trust in Fei, Hyuga and his friends may not have had time to stop Deus.

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