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Hey Yui!
Great Page! Xenogears is a game I love! And there is a lot of cool things to hear on what happened afterwards. I just want to know what happened to Rico. I can't find any details aside from him becoming Kaiser of Kislev.

Thank you for your encouraging comments!
In response to your question about Mr. Banderas, I'm afraid I don't have a great deal of information as he is quite taciturn and especially disinclined to discuss his private life. However, I can tell you that he did indeed return to Kislev and assumed his rightful place as Kaiser. Hyuga tells me that although "the Champ" is wildly popular in his hometown, a problem has arisen due to the lack of suitable (and willing) candidates for "Queen" to carry on the Kislev royal line. Hopefully, some lovely young woman will look past Mr. Banderas' somewhat unsettling appearance and recognize the fine person he is.

Dear Yui,
I love your site. Xenogears will 'Never say Die' because "IT... IS A GAME... OF THE SEA! [...] BWA HAHAHAHAHA!" err, okay, bad little cliche on my part. I do have one question that I ask of you, the woman who knows everything about Doctor Citan. During his Crystal Water (uhm, I THINK it's called Crystal Water..) Deathblow, I heard that the japanese words make up a haiku. What exactly IS the haiku? It would be greatly appreciated if you could answer this question.
Paul M.
P.S. If you could, next time Fei is over for dinner, send him to me with a little doggy bag! Thanks!

Thank you for your kind words!
I must admit that I don't know everything about Hyuga... but I can, in this instance, answer your question regarding the Crystal Water Deathblow.
What appear to be Japanese words (which may, purely coincidentally, form a haiku), are, in reality, ancient Elrunic numerals that describe the precise damage formula for the deathblow. Hyuga says he finds it aids his concentration to perform the calculations while executing the technique.
I'd like to add that I simply adore haiku. One of my favorite works (we have a beautiful edition in our Parlor) is Cyan Garamonde's "The World Before the Fall." I have such wonderful memories of Hyuga reciting Mr. Garamonde's love poems to me during our courtship...

Dear Yui,
I really love the parlor, but I do have one nagging Xenogears question. What ever happened to Emeralda after that whole crisis with Deus ended?
- JFisch13@aol.com

Thank you for the lovely compliment!
As to Emeralda, well, she’s currently living with Fei and Elly and helping to rebuild Lahan (her nano-abilities really come in handy, let me tell you). She spends a great deal of her free time with us - she is extremely bright, and she and Hyuga can spend hours puttering around in that workshop of his and indulging in intellectual (read: boring) conversations about all sorts of ethical and scientific matters.
Contrary to popular speculation, Emeralda is not aging at an accelerated rate. Hyuga says that since she is capable of altering her molecular structure at will, she could be virtually immortal if she so chooses, and Sage Melchior concurs.
For now, however, she seems content to live as a normal (well, as much as anyone can be these days) young lady, including having a social life - that nice young officer from the Yggdrasil, Bingo Little, has been courting her whenever he has “shore leave.”

Dear Yui,
What happened to you after the crash of Shevat? No one, not even Doc or Midori, ever comments or asks!
- ansiau@aol.com

After the fall of Shevat I spent my time aiding the survivors in whatever way I could (unfortunately, that often involved cooking!), while Hyuga went about the business of saving what was left of the world. Although I do not pretend to like "playing second fiddle" to anyone or anything when it comes to my husband, I think it goes without saying that duty came before anything else in that situation!
Fortunately for our family, Hyuga and Midori's telepathic ability allows us to keep in touch whenever and wherever we need to.

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