Dan has taken a perhaps unhealthily intense interest in the martial arts.  I can only hope that he will learn the importance of discipline as well as skill! - Hyuga

Whenever I see Dan, I cannot help but think back to the three years when Fei was in Lahan Village. Although Yui, Midori and I did not live anywhere near so well as we would have on Shevat, that peaceful existence was in many ways the best we have ever had. Indeed, I fear I became too accustomed to the peace of that place, and indeed, that I allowed my guard to drop somewhat. When Grahf finally discovered Fei's location and orchestrated the destruction of the village, I was not prepared as I should have been.

Dan, who spends alot of his time with us, is a real delight, if something of a handful. For example, trying to get him to sit still to give him this haircut was accomplished only through Hyuga's intervention!
Dan's finally come to terms with the loss of his family (as have so many of the young people we know), and he and Fei have grown very close as they work to rebuild Lahan.
Midori simply adores him like a "big brother".
Dan's not too interested in Hyuga's more intellectual pursuits, but he's fascinated with "Doc's" military skills. I just hope Hyu doesn't break down and start teaching him how to use a sword!

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