As you can see from this picture, the rebuilding of Nisan is coming along extremely well. - Hyuga

This picture was taken when Jesiah and Primera last went to visit Billy in Nisan.
It is so good to see that Jesiah and his children are no longer in conflict! Jesiah and Primera live on a ranch near Lahan, so they are common visitors to our home, but I have not personally seen Billy in nearly a year, as he has thrown himself into his work with the Nisan Sect. Fortunately, Jesiah tells me that both Billy and Nisan are doing very well indeed.

It's hard for me to believe the tales Hyuga tells of Jesiah! Although quite "plain-spoken," he's really an old-fashioned gentleman (it took quite a while for him to start calling me Yui rather than "ma'am"). I will say when Hyu and "the guys" (as the former Elements of Solaris refer to themselves) get together, it takes a few days for everyone to get back to normal!

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