Bartholomew and Marguerite are happily married now.  It is most amusing to look back upon their pretenses of being indisposed to one another. - Hyuga

I suppose I shall have to stop referring to Bartholomew as 'young one' now! He has certainly matured a great deal even in the brief time in which I have known him. Both he and Marguerite are something of a paradox - often, they act much younger than they actually are, yet when they are called upon to perform a duty, they accept it with most uncommon maturity. I sometimes wonder which is their natural state, and which a mask they wear to the world. Perhaps they do not themselves know the answer.
In any case, they certainly appear to be happy together.

I wonder if I would have accepted my arranged marriage with as much grace as Bartholomew and Marguerite have theirs.
It certainly seems unthinkable to me now!

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