Although Sephiroth has retired as the final champion of The RPG Playoffs Online, and the offices of The RPG Inquisitor have been forced to close, Bobbin Cranbud presents lives on in cyberspace for your edification and amusement.

Follow the adventures of the Xenogears cast in their struggles with a newly hostile world... and each other in Xenogears: After the Fall, through 547 episodes.

Peruse the complete 167 issue archive of The RPG Inquisitor, a tabloid in the grand tradition of The National Enquirer featuring shocking stories of your favorite RPG characters, exclusive 'photos' and myriad features.

Read Convergence, a four-book online novel series in which Ghaleon of Lunar, finding himself alive, well, and in Final Fantasy VI's Figaro, sets into motion a series of events that will shake the worlds to their core through treachery and trust, battle and bloodshed, love and lust.

Visit The Uzuki Residence to explore Xenogears' Citan Uzuki's home, filled with artifacts, mementos, portraits, and the inside scoop on almost everything you ever wanted to know about the good doctor.

Check out Kyle's RPG Roundtable Reviews for the most unusual console RPG game reviews on the internet. Kyle of Lunar and his "Distinguished Panel of Experts" put their own unique spin on the fine art of reviewing.

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